Your pet getting lost can happen anytime as they are very curious about their surroundings. Having something to identify them helps you get reconnected sooner than later. Almost all pet owners give their pets physical IDs like tags and collars, but what happens when those get damaged or break off? Pet microchips are the answer! They are secondary forms of identification for your pet. Implanting the chip is a one-time process that lasts for a lifetime.

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What is a microchip?

It is a tiny computer chip inserted under your pet’s skin. The chip has a unique barcode that generates an ID number when scanned. The microchip company stores the pet owner’s contact information with that ID number. If you’re considering a microchip for your pet, call us at 403-249-3411 to schedule an appointment.

How do microchips reunite me with my pet?

Your pet must first be found by someone to be reunited with you. Most people take animals they find to a veterinarian or humane shelter, where they will be checked for a microchip. If the microchip is detected, then your contact information can be retrieved so you can be reunited with your cherished pet.

How can I update my information?

We strongly encourage pet parents to update their contact information as soon as anything changes. Outdated addresses or phone numbers can leave your loyal companion stuck in shelters. To update your contact information, you should contact your microchip manufacturer. You can also contact the veterinary office where the microchip was implanted to get the company’s information if you don’t have it.

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