Therapeutic laser is an advanced treatment used to promote healing. Many studies have shown that using laser therapy has positive effects on cells, tissues, and disorders in animals and humans. We offer this treatment as an alternative and in addition to medications to help pets deal with pain. To discuss this treatment for your pet, please call 403-249-3411

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How does laser therapy work?

Therapeutic laser uses light energy of varying frequencies to encourage development in the cell and reduce pain and inflammation. The veterinarian controls the laser level based on how deep they want the light to penetrate. A lower lever is used to heal surface-level wounds and skin issues. As your pet’s cells begin to repair, this triggers endorphins to be released, which helps your pet handle pain and stress.

What conditions are treated with laser therapy?

  1. Wounds
  2. Post-surgery healing
  3. Arthritis 
  4. Traumatic injuries
  5. Ear infections 
  6. Hair loss
  7. Cellulitis
  8. Kidney stones

How long does a laser therapy session take?

A laser therapy session takes about 15 minutes. The session is scheduled with our specialist veterinarian Dr. Veronica Devall. The veterinarian will determine how many sessions your pet needs based on their injury or health problem.

Is laser therapy safe?

The light used during this treatment is completely safe for your companion. The procedure is non-invasive, and in most cases, pets relax as they begin to feel immediate relief. We take extra precautions to ensure your pet’s safety, such as providing safety glasses.

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