When your pet is healthy, they are affectionate and playful, but when they become ill, their adorable personalities disappear as they deal with pain. We use diagnostic testing like bloodwork to get to the bottom of your pet’s ailments. Even if your pet is healthy, routine blood tests are necessary to learn their baseline or normal health. To learn more about our diagnostic services, call us at 403-249-3411.

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When will my pet need bloodwork done?

Pet bloodwork is necessary for the following situations:

  1. Your pet’s first veterinary visit
  2. When your pet is showing signs of illness
  3. Your pet is starting a new medication
  4. Senior wellness exam
  5. Pre-surgical testing

What other tests may be recommended to diagnose my pet?

We may perform other diagnostics like X-rays, ultrasounds, or urinalysis to learn more about your pet’s health. Additional testing may be necessary if your pet’s results indicate abnormal levels, especially if they show physical signs of illness. The chemistries that make up your pet’s blood are linked to certain internal organs. Abnormal levels in the blood could indicate that an organ isn’t functioning properly. For instance, high amylase levels are a strong indication of pancreatitis or kidney disease. With other forms of diagnostic testing, we get clear images of their internal organs and structures. 

Will my pet need to fast before their blood test?

Yes, we usually recommend that all patients fast for up to 8 hours before the appointment. If your pet consumes food before having bloodwork done, there’s a high possibility that the sample could have fat droplets which interfere with the results.

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